Adult Braces? 6 Ways Millennials Changed the Status Quo

Adult orthodontics has never been more popular.

How did adult orthodontics become so popular?

Many adults today likely remember braces as a long-past aspect of their youth—something just for kids. However, as millennials have begun entering the world of adulthood, they’ve brought with them a major shift in that perception.

Today, adult orthodontics, including both conventional braces and clear aligners, is more popular than ever. Nearly 30% of orthodontic patients are adults, a complete paradigm shift from the past. Adult orthodontics for millennials has grown rapidly due to six unique traits introduced by their generation.

1. Millennials acknowledge their inner child.

The idea that braces are only for kids has never been anything more than a preconceived social perception. Adults in past generations have tried to avoid anything that might make them seem childish, but that isn’t the case for many millennials.

Instead, they’ve chosen their own path toward adulting, one that includes embracing their inner child. From adult coloring books to the popularity of adult visits to Disney World, and other supposedly child-only activities, millennials don’t care if someone might think them childish.

That same mentality carries over to their perception of adult orthodontics.

2. They understand the importance of self-care.

Among millennials, there’s been a significant focus on self-care—the idea that you need to take time to really understand and address your own needs. The concept of self-care is incredibly broad, encompassing a person’s physical, mental, and spiritual health.

While much talk about self-care focuses more on dealing with stress and remembering your own enjoyment, physical health is also incredibly important. Eating right, getting enough exercise, and getting the treatment you need are all vital. This leads millennials to avoid overlooking dental and orthodontic issues, seeking out treatment more readily.

3. They know focusing on mental health isn’t an indulgence.

Millennials have done away with many antiquated notions about mental health, removing the concepts of shame in seeking out treatment or acknowledging mental illness. Now, taking a closer look at one’s own mental health is seen as an important introspective exercise.

Having a crooked smile can make some people self-conscious, affecting their confidence and leading to a variety of issues. Seeking out orthodontic treatment is an effective way to help boost self-esteem and lead a healthier lifestyle.

4. Invisalign changed how millennials see adult treatment.

Invisalign and other clear aligners have led to a major shift in how people see adult orthodontic treatment. They provide an option that is barely noticeable, much more comfortable, and uniquely tailored to the needs of adult patients.

They’ve become so widely accepted that they’ve dispelled many of the public biases against adult orthodontics. In the past, people associated adult braces with having poor upbringings and no access to care as a child. Now, it’s seen as an important orthodontic treatment regardless of a person’s background.

5. More access to information led millennials to discover the truth.

Past generations have had to rely on word of mouth when considering whether they should look into adult orthodontic treatment. Unfortunately, this meant that much of the information they received was inaccurate.

Without a true understanding of orthodontic treatment, they never considered seeking out a consultation to learn more.

Today, millennials have easy access to reliable information on adult orthodontic treatment through online resources. They can discover all the benefits and gain an understanding of the treatment experience before making the decision to schedule a consultation.

6. Social media highlights happy and healthy smiles.

Millennials are practically synonymous with social media. They’ve been the driving force in social media trends, transitioning from MySpace to Facebook and Instagram. They’re the first generation to share photos so easily and so readily, and that has many of them paying closer attention to their smiles.

While there’s no real consensus about whether the impact of social media has been for better or for worse, there’s certainly no denying that it has had an impact. With their smiles front and center for a wider network of people to see, millennials have been more interested in Invisalign and other treatments.

Explore Invisalign for adults.

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