Understanding Preventive Dentistry: 5 Tips for a Healthy Mouth

Preventive dentistry can save teeth.

Your Role in Preventive Dentistry Did you know that when you brush your teeth at home, you are actually engaging in preventive dentistry? It’s true! Of course, we know you’re not a dentist (and probably don’t play one on television). But the fact is that preventive dentistry is about partnering with your dental team to…

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How to Empower Your Child to Keep Up with Oral Hygiene Over Summer

Help your child with oral hygiene

As the temperatures rise and school winds down, your kids are preparing for the freedom of summer. Schedules and structure get put on pause, making things challenging for parents. You may begin worrying about keeping your kids on track with their oral hygiene routine when the rest of their life is unstructured.   Whether you’re traveling…

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2 Most Important and Practical Ways You Can Do Preventive Dentistry at Home

Practice preventive dentistry

Dentistry includes a wide range of different procedures meant to maintain, treat, and restore your oral health. A vital element of dentistry is preventive dentistry. Preventive dentistry involves preventing issues that affect your teeth and gums and eliminating the need for more invasive treatment.  Eliminate the need for more invasive treatment with at-home preventive care.…

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How, Why, and When to Avoid Tooth Extraction

How to avoid tooth extraction

Protect your smile from tooth loss. The American Association of Endodontists surveyed millennials to discover their thoughts about preserving their natural tooth, and the results were quite interesting. While almost all surveyed agreed that saving their natural teeth was clearly important, nearly a quarter of the group ranked their natural teeth as the number 1…

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10 Fun and Easy Ways to Teach Kids About Dental Hygiene

Make dental hygiene fun for your kids

A lifetime of great oral health starts now. As adults, we know how important taking care of our teeth and gums is to not just our oral health, but our overall health as well. It can be a bit more difficult to teach our kids the importance of dental hygiene, but the earlier they develop…

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