Is a Smile Makeover Permanent?

Is a smile makeover permanent

How Long Your Smile Makeover Results Will Last

Smile makeovers are one of the most exciting forms of cosmetic dental care. They allow you to transform your smile into one of your dreams and give a massive boost to your self-confidence. Smile makeovers can even help you maintain a higher level of oral health by making your smile easier to care for, such as the case of porcelain veneers straightening crowded teeth.

It’s important to know which procedures will be included in your smile makeover treatment plan, including how long you can expect those results to last. Some cosmetic services are irreversible, permanent decisions, while others may need periodic touch-ups to preserve your new look.

To best answer the question “Is a smile makeover permanent?”, let’s take a look at the individual cosmetic and restorative procedures you may have in your customized treatment plan.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening is the most frequently performed cosmetic dentistry service. A brighter, whiter smile looks attractive and youthful, and many people subconsciously associate white teeth with optimal oral health and fresh breath.

Professional teeth whitening can be done as a standalone service or as an initial treatment step in a broader smile makeover treatment plan. For example, if crowns or veneers will be placed on your front teeth, it’s a good idea first to whiten your smile to your desired brightness to ensure a flawless color match.

You already know that whitening your teeth isn’t permanent, but how long does teeth whitening last? Most patients who use our in-office Zoom! system won’t need a retouch for anywhere from one to four years. Lifestyle habits have a big impact on how long whitening results last. People who drink a lot of coffee, black tea, wine, or smoke will see yellowing return more quickly.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are the ultimate smile makeover solution. When people think of completely changing their teeth’ appearance, most are typically wanting the results veneers can offer.

Unlike a dental crown which envelopes the entire tooth, porcelain veneer shells cover the entire front of the tooth with minimal coverage on the back. Part of the preparation process for veneers is removing a thin layer of enamel around each tooth to compensate for the thickness of the porcelain shell. Unfortunately, this process means porcelain veneers are a permanent decision that can’t be reversed. You could only go without veneers if each tooth had a crown placed.

Permanently changing your smile’s appearance is a big step, but an overwhelming majority of patients are so happy with their results, they wouldn’t want to reverse their veneers even if they could. And if you’re wondering how long veneers last, with proper care, the average set has a lifespan of 10 to 15 years, with many reaching 20 years before needing repairs or replacing. 

Dental Crowns

Similarly to veneers, dental crowns are also a permanent decision. A tooth prepped for a crown can’t function without its protection. Replacing a crown with a veneer is also impossible because veneers don’t offer complete coverage for the tooth.

That said, dental crowns can be a great solution for cosmetically and functionally enhancing a tooth. While a veneer is a cosmetic solution, dental crowns are often restorative because they add structural integrity to a tooth. Therefore, if you have a tooth with a lot of chipping or missing enamel from decay, a crown may be a better option or even placed alongside veneers.


Orthodontics is its own field of dental care, but it can also be incorporated into a long-term smile makeover plan. Porcelain veneers can visually straighten some crookedness or crowding, but only orthodontic care can physically move your teeth into a more attractive and functional alignment.

The results you get from orthodontic care are permanent, but only if you follow your dentist’s instructions for wearing your retainer. If you forget to wear your retainer, your teeth can begin to shift back to their previous alignment. 

If you are interested in straightening your smile in addition to a smile makeover, it’s recommended to finish orthodontic treatment first. However, if you opt for something like Invisalign, you can still have professional teeth whitening done during your treatment. 

Dental Implants

Dental implants are another restorative solution that can form a significant part of someone’s smile makeover. They are a permanent solution for replacing a lost tooth and offer the most natural look and feel of all prosthetic tooth options. Most importantly, dental implants stimulate the jaw bone and prevent bone resorption, or the natural loss of bone experienced after tooth loss.

Practicing great oral hygiene will ensure your dental implant post will last a lifetime, but atop this post is an abutment with the dental crown. Just like standard dental crowns, your dental implant crown will have an average lifespan of 10 to 15 years or possibly even longer.

Plan your smile makeover with the best cosmetic dentist in Austin!

The best way to ensure your cosmetic dentistry results last as long as possible is to choose the right dentist to care for your smile before and after completing your makeover. Dr. Garcia will help you plan your perfect smile makeover, and she’ll continue to care for your smile with routine preventive and restorative services.

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