Invisalign for Adults: 10 Facts You Should Know Before You Start

Invisalign for adults

Getting the Smile You Love With Invisalign Invisalign for adults is an increasingly popular treatment option for dealing with malocclusion (a bad bite). With a subtle look, easy patient experience, and great results, Invisalign clear aligners could be just what you need. Here are some key points you should know about Invisalign treatment. 1. You…

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Invisalign is Used to Correct Mild to Moderate Overbite

Invisalign can fix overbite

Fixing Overbites with Invisalign Invisalign is a great way for teens and adults to go through orthodontic treatment without drastically changing their appearance or lifestyle. Not only are Invisalign’s clear aligners subtle, but they’re also extremely effective at straightening teeth. The average Invisalign treatment plan takes 12 to 18 months, while a comparable plan using…

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Invisalign vs. Braces: Make the Right Choice for You

Invisalign vs. braces

Factors To Consider When Choosing Orthodontic Treatment Orthodontic issues like crooked or misaligned teeth are incredibly common, with both children and adults needing effective treatment options. Today, many patients have a choice of Invisalign vs. braces for their treatment. An Invisalign dentist in Austin, Texas, can help ensure that you select the right choice for…

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8 Life-Changing Benefits of Straightening Your Teeth

Want to straighten your teeth?

How does straightening your teeth improve your everyday life? A straight smile may look and feel great, but did you know there are other benefits to a perfect row of pearly whites? It’s true: Straight teeth do more than simply beautify your smile. In fact, they can change your entire life, from overall health to…

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Is a Bad Bite Related to Jaw Pain, and How Do I Fix It?

Do you have a bad bite

The technical term for “bad bite” is malocclusion. Have you ever noticed a persistent soreness in your jaw, sharp pain while chewing, or other jaw pain? If so, the root cause could be a bad bite, known more formally as malocclusion. This widespread dental issue can cause many problems, including chronic jaw pain. What is…

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How to Get the Smile You Always Wanted, No Matter Your Age, with Invisalign

Invisalign is for adults too

Invisalign is the clear choice for most adults. Despite what some people might think, tooth alignment issues don’t only affect kids. Troublesome changes can arise at any point in life, and problems that weren’t treated in childhood will persist into adulthood. Unfortunately, many adults have simply gone without proper treatment in the past. Invisalign is…

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