9 Tooth-Friendly Foods for Stronger Enamel and Healthier Gums

Choose the best tooth-friendly foods.

But what can I eat?

Nowadays, it can feel as though every article out there is about what not to do, eat, or say. Frequently, lists like this can make it seem like there really isn’t much left to enjoy. That’s where this list comes in handy.

We’ve compiled a list of delicious and tooth-friendly foods that both nourish your body and keep your teeth in tip-top shape. Now this doesn’t mean you have to cut out all the sugary treats! Just enjoy them in moderation, and your body will thank you.

1. Crunchy Fruits and Vegetables

For some reason, it’s easy to forget the bowl of fruit on the counter or the veggie-packed drawer in the fridge when your stomach is growling. But that should really be the first place you check for a nutritious snack! Crunchy fruits and vegetables, such as carrots and apples, act as a kind of toothbrush, increasing saliva production that helps whisk away hidden food particles. Now this doesn’t mean you get to skip your regular oral care routine, but it does help reduce the bacteria left behind for your toothbrush and floss to clean up. 

2. Dairy Products for Calcium and Phosphorus

More than likely, you’ve heard that milk can give you strong bones. That’s not wrong! The calcium and phosphates in dairy products help replace minerals in your teeth, making them just a little stronger than before. You can easily add dairy into your snack rotation with a glass of milk, slice of cheese, or serving of yogurt. 

3.  Lean Proteins for Gum Health

Lean meat is an excellent source of protein for your whole body. Certain meats, such as chicken and turkey, even contain phosphorus, helping repair those teeth. Not to mention protein helps you feel fuller longer than empty carbohydrates.

4. Green Tea: A Natural Oral Health Booster

Drinking tea might just be a way to help keep unwanted bacteria under control. It contains polyphenols, which contain powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Not only does it have the ability to kill off unwanted bacteria, but it can also help reduce its ability to regrow in the future!

5. Nuts and Seeds for Healthy Teeth and Gums

Nuts and seeds are excellent at stimulating saliva production. This increase in saliva will help keep your teeth shining just a little more and keep bacteria from getting a chance to attack that enamel. Nuts and seeds are also filled with a variety of different vitamins and minerals. For example, almonds contain calcium and protein. Calcium is great for strengthening enamel, and the protein helps satisfy your hunger.

6. Fibrous Foods to Stimulate Saliva Production

Fiber is one of your best friends when it comes to taking care of those teeth. It increases saliva production, your body’s natural defense against bad oral bacteria. More foods contain fiber than you might think. Tasty broccoli, avocado, apples, and even oats are just a few of the many fiber-rich options out there.

7. Vitamin C-Rich Foods for Gum Health

It’s time to grab a bag of those mandarin oranges the next time you’re at the store. Not only are they a tasty snack, but citrus fruits are packed full of vitamin C. This makes them an exceptional choice for supporting gum health. If you’re not a citrus fan, you can swap them for fruits like strawberries, papaya, or cantaloupe.

8. Sugar-Free Gum as a Mouth-Friendly Snack

We’ve all had those days when all you want to do is snack. In times like these, try grabbing a piece of sugar-free gum. As you chew, you’re not only satisfying the urge to snack; you’re also increasing saliva production, which is your body’s natural way of neutralizing acids from cavity-causing bacteria.

9. Water: The Ultimate Tooth-Friendly Beverage

Our bodies are made out of roughly 60% water, so it’s no surprise that this refreshing beverage makes the list. Water is the perfect way to rinse away unwanted bacteria and leftover sugars as you wait for the chance to brush your teeth. When in doubt, water is the answer your body needs!

Moderation is key.

Making healthy choices is easy when you know what options will benefit your body the most. But remember that you don’t have to cut tasty sweets out of your life entirely. Moderation is key! 

No matter what you eat throughout the day, it’s important to keep up with your regular oral hygiene routine. Brush those teeth twice a day for two minutes each time, and be sure to floss at least once a day. Those are the two best things you can do to prevent gum disease and cavities. 

And, of course, we here at Parmer Lane Family Dentistry are always here to answer any questions you might have. Whether you’re a new patient looking for a dental home or an established patient who has been with us for years, you can make your next appointment in just a few clicks online. We look forward to helping you maintain your smile!

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