Let’s See Your Smile in Wells Branch

Let’s See Your Smile in Wells Branch

Preventive Focus

We’re proud to offer dental care that focuses on preventing decay and disease for everyone in your family.

A Smile You’ll Love

We prioritize happy, healthy smiles and can’t wait to see your smile and self-confidence grow in Wells Branch, TX.

Outstanding Results

We’re here to help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted through our menu of cosmetic dental treatments.


Dental Care for Your Whole Family in Wells Branch

Serving North Austin, TX, as Your Comprehensive Dentist

We know how frustrating it can be driving from place to place for dental care for everyone in your family. Rest assured, at Parmer Lane Family Dentistry near Wells Branch, we can take care of every family member’s teeth and gums. You’ve come to the right place—book your dental appointment today.

Preventive Dentistry

At Parmer Lane Family Dentistry near Wells Branch, we are dedicated to ensuring your mouth reaches excellent health—and stay that way. Our focus is on preventive dental care for every patient. We deliver this through comprehensive dental evaluations, pain-free digital X-rays, and a comfortable experience in the dental chair because your oral health is our priority. Experience the difference for yourself at Parmer Lane Family Dentistry.

Cosmetic Treatment

Crooked teeth? Discoloration from years of enjoying coffee, tea, or wine? Whatever it is that keeps you from loving your smile, we can help. We offer professional teeth whitening, veneers, inlays and onlays, Invisalign, crowns, and bridges—all intended to help your smile not only look great but feel great too.

Invisalign for Adults

We understand how crooked teeth can negatively impact your self-confidence. Misaligned teeth may even keep you from smiling altogether, and that’s not good for anybody. With Invisalign, you can achieve a straighter smile quickly and easily. These clear aligners are discreet, and you can remove them to eat meals and brush and floss your teeth. Don’t suffer from a smile that you don’t love. Visit Parmer Lane Family Dentistry near Wells Branch today.

Your favorite Wells Branch dental team is here to give you the dazzling smile you’ve always wanted.


The first step towards a beautiful, healthy smile is to schedule an appointment.


Please take a moment prior to your scheduled appointment to complete our patient forms.


We care for patients every day who love their smiles.

Dr. Garcia standing in front of Parmer Lane Dentistry sign on office building

Meet Dr. Garcia

Dr. Lucinda A. Garcia of Parmer Lane Family Dentistry near Wells Branch, Texas, discovered her passion for dentistry as a teenager while volunteering on dental mission trips to Mexico. There, she saw the profound impact of dental care on people’s lives.

Inspired by her family members—four of whom are dentists—Dr. Garcia followed suit and graduated from Baylor College of Dentistry in 2003. With over 15 years of experience, she forms close relationships with patients and often participates in their major life events.

Dr. Garcia stays at the forefront of dentistry through ongoing education with organizations like the Academy of General Dentistry. Join our dental family and experience care that extends beyond the chair.

We’re committed to delivering high-quality dental care in a friendly environment to our Wells Branch patients—that means you!

Parmer Lane Family Dentistry near Wells Branch, Texas, is committed to building and growing long-term relationships with our patients by providing the highest level of dental care. We strive for professional excellence every day, uphold the highest standards in our practice, and are dedicated to creating a welcoming, supportive, and family-oriented environment. You’re welcome here!

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