How Gingivitis Relates to Dry Mouth, Bad Breath, and Bleeding Gums

gingivitis and dry mouth

Early Warning Signs of Gingivitis Gingivitis is a familiar term to most adults. You see it in pamphlets in dental offices and on popular oral care products in stores. But despite the familiarity of the word, many people don’t actually know what gingivitis is, its relation to gum disease, or how to recognize the symptoms.…

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The 4 Stages of Tooth Decay and How to Prevent Progression

stages of tooth decay

What is tooth decay? Tooth decay is a serious dental issue that can affect anyone. It’s what causes cavities and can result in needing fillings, root canals, and even tooth extractions. But by understanding the four stages of tooth decay, you can prevent further progression and find treatment before it gets any worse. 1. Initial…

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Don’t Let Your Wisdom Teeth Cause Future Problems

Take care of those wisdom teeth before they cause problems

Prevent your wisdom teeth from becoming a pain point. Every year, millions of people need to have their third molars, or “wisdom teeth,” removed for a variety of reasons. While not everyone has a problem with these teeth, it is important to understand what they are, what they’re used for, and how they can cause…

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We’re Here to Help You and Your Whole Family Smile for Life!

Parmer Lane family dentist keeps you smiling

Benefits of Seeing a Parmer Lane Family Dentist  Your smile is something that you want to last for your entire lifetime. Since your smile is perhaps your most visual personifying feature, the last thing you want is a smile  you don’t like. Smiles give us self-confidence. But what if you have challenges with your teeth…

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How to Find the Best Dental Care for the Whole Family

Choose the best dental care for your family

Searching for the Best Dental Care for Your Family When you begin looking for a new dentist, you often have a very clear goal in mind: finding the best dentist to give your family skilled and compassionate dental care. Even if you have a clear goal, though, you might not be sure how to get…

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