Exploring Austin’s Outdoor Scene: Top Spring Hiking Trails and Nature Parks

Explore hiking trails and nature parks this spring.

Spring is just around the corner, and that means the weather will soon be ideal in Austin for outdoor activities once again. While there’s plenty to do on the city’s streets, you can make the most of the revitalizing beauty of springtime out in nature, and Austin offers a range of opportunities for enjoying the outdoors through hiking trails and nature parks.

Outdoor activities are great for your physical health, but you might be surprised at how beneficial getting out there and being active can be to your oral health as well. Take a closer look at some of the best parks and hiking trails to visit in Austin and why spending time in the great outdoors can be key to both your physical and oral health.

Parks and Trails to Visit This Spring in Austin, TX

Austin is full of urban excitement, but it has another side that’s serene and peaceful. Take advantage of this underrated aspect of the city by checking out some of these amazing parks and trails this spring.

St. Edwards Park

Located in northwest Austin, St. Edwards Park offers a number of trails that can get you acquainted with some of the finest aspects of the natural beauty Texas has to offer.

For a calmer and more relaxing stroll, check out Creek Trail, where you can wander alongside beautiful Bull Creek, taking in the gorgeous greenery and spotting some spectacular waterfalls along the way.

If you’re looking for more of a challenge, you can tackle Hill Trail, which takes you over Bull Creek and up to the park’s highest point. There, you’ll find some spectacular sprawling valley views.

Turkey Creek Trail

Located in Emma Long Metropolitan Park, the Turkey Creek Trail is mostly flat but can provide a decent challenge for hikers looking for a little extra zest in their trail-trekking excursions. There are a few different times when you’ll cross over the creek along this trail and have the chance to spot some gentle cascades.

Emma Long Metropolitan Park has plenty more to enjoy, as well. At this park, you’ll find other trails, campsites, and boat ramps, as well as an area where you can reserve a picnic table, and a beach where you can go for a swim if the weather is warm enough.

Mayfield Nature Preserve

Mayfield Nature Preserve is a natural paradise that feels like something out of a fairy tale. In this 23-acre preserve, you’ll come across wandering peacocks, lilypad-spotted koi ponds, majestic palm trees, and picturesque gardens.

The area is an ideal place to simply relax in the beauty of nature, but it also features hiking trails if you’re looking for a more active experience. The preserve’s main trail is an easy 30-minute shady trek that offers views of Lake Austin, as well as the chance to spot wildlife.

It’s a can’t-miss experience for anyone looking to get outdoors this spring in Austin, TX, and one that reveals the city’s majestic side.

The Link Between Physical Activity and Oral Health

You may be wondering how physical activity can be beneficial to your oral health. But there is actually a strong connection between an active lifestyle and a healthy smile, and it typically starts with your gums.

Exercise and Gum Health

Gum disease is one of the more overlooked issues when it comes to oral health. While the early symptoms might be easy to ignore, this infection of the gum tissue can become far more serious if allowed to progress.

Advanced gum disease can result in loose teeth, tooth loss, and dental infections—and it has been connected to serious health conditions as well, such as heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.

While there’s no replacement for a good oral hygiene routine, healthy diet, regular dental visits, and an active lifestyle can also help support optimal gum health. A study conducted in 2018 found that exercise can contribute to improvements in periodontal disease.

And it’s not just gum disease that exercise can potentially help. A review of several studies conducted in 2020 found a negative correlation between lack of physical fitness and oral health issues in general, which means that the more fit you are, the fewer oral health issues you may be likely to have.

Incorporating outdoor activities like hiking into your lifestyle can be key to supporting your overall wellness.

Get outside and improve your oral health this spring.

You can’t go wrong when choosing between the many trails and parks to explore in Austin this spring. And when you make it a priority to enjoy the outdoors, both your physical health and your oral health can reap the benefits.

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