How to Invest in Yourself and Your Smile with a Smile Makeover

Invest in a smile makeover

Treat yourself to a beautiful smile.

Do you dream of having a perfect smile? Would having straighter, whiter teeth make you feel more confident? You can invest in yourself by talking to the best Austin cosmetic dentist about how a smile makeover can help you. 

There are many benefits to a smile upgrade because you’ll have beautiful teeth designed just for you. This new smile can boost your confidence and make you ready to take on the world. But what exactly is a smile makeover? 

What is a smile makeover?     

A smile makeover is a carefully selected and customized set of restorative and cosmetic dental procedures that improve the appearance of your smile. A cosmetic dentist evaluates your smile to identify areas that could be addressed, such as uneven teeth, spaces, chips, cracks, and discoloration. 

Once identified, your new smile alters these imperfections and enhances your teeth’s aesthetics using one or more of the following treatment options:

Your cosmetic dentist tailors the smile makeover to your needs, ensuring you receive a personalized treatment that delivers the smile of your dreams.

A smile upgrade is not just for your teeth. 

A complete smile makeover involves so much more than your appearance. When you have a smile you’re happy and confident with, it can dramatically impact your life. Ask yourself what three things you’d like to accomplish in life. Would having a confident smile help you achieve these goals?  

First impressions are everything, and your smile is part of that. A confident smile can help you land that promotion you’ve wanted or start a conversation with the cute techie you see at the coffee shop. 

Improves Your Mental Health 

When you smile, your brain releases endorphins that positively impact your mood, reducing stress and causing you to feel relaxed. Moreover, smiling triggers the production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter contributing to happiness and well-being. 

We can consider smiles as a natural antidepressant that enhances your mental health. Additionally, when you are satisfied with your smile, you will likely smile more often. This keeps the cycle going by increasing serotonin levels to promote positive emotions, contributing to a happier brain.

Finding the Best Austin Cosmetic Dentist to Design Your Smile 

Practicing as a cosmetic dentist doesn’t require an advanced degree, certification, or additional schooling like other specialty areas. But they do benefit from training, post-graduate studies, and experience in providing aesthetic dental work. High-quality cosmetic dentists will often have the following: 

  • Post-graduate studies from respected organizations that focus on cosmetic dentistry   
  • Memberships to organizations dedicated to the profession of cosmetic dentistry 
  • A variety of cosmetic and restorative procedures 
  • Before and after photos of previous work 
  • The newest and best technology 
  • Positive online reviews and recommendations 

The best cosmetic dentist will have a passion for designing smiles and meeting the unique needs of every patient. 

Since your smile is about more than your teeth, a good cosmetic dentist will also spend plenty of time discussing your personal goals. They will want to learn what kind of person you want to be and what stops you from accomplishing your goals. 

You’ll have time to express your concerns and describe what you do or don’t like about your smile, leading to the creation of your customized smile makeover. 

Smile Makeover Costs 

Smile makeovers are tailored to your unique needs, making each patient’s cost vary. Some people need a few fillings and whitening treatments, while others require extensive cosmetic changes to reach their smile goals. 

Your dental insurance may cover certain procedures, like fillings and crowns. However, ifthey are cosmetic procedures, it will mostly be an out-of-pocket expense.

Think of your smile upgrade as an investment in yourself. Most people don’t think twice about spending thousands of dollars on their dream car or vacation. A new smile can change your life, so why should it be any different?      

Affording your smile makeover at Parmer Lane Family Dentistry.

We want you to have the best smile that will increase your happiness. That’s why we have a variety of ways for you to access the care you need. 

Membership Plans 

Our office provides membership plans that include cleanings, evaluations, and routine X-rays at no additional cost. It will help you save on the necessary procedures to upgrade your smile. There are no deductibles, waiting periods, yearly maximums, denied claims, or pre-approvals.


CareCredit is a third-party healthcare credit card that can cover out-of-pocket expenses your insurance doesn’t pay for. They offer financing options, such as no interest for six months, that other cards do not provide.  

Boost Your Confidence and Accomplish Your Goals 

Dr. Lucinda Garcia and her team of professionals are ready to take your smile to the next level. Contact Parmer Lane Family Dentistry to learn more about smile makeovers.

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