5 Reasons Dental Crowns May Be Better Than Veneers

Dental crowns vs. veneers

It’s only natural to want a better smile, especially if you have discolored, misshapen, or cracked teeth. As a result, smile makeovers have become increasingly popular and are offered by many dentists. But the decision to improve your teeth can feel overwhelming and complicated. For example, what’s the difference between dental crowns vs. veneers? When should you choose one over the other, and why might your dentist recommend one and not the other? We’ve boiled it down for you, so you know when it’s time to chat with your dentist on the right smile design in Austin, TX.

Dental Crowns vs. Veneers: What You Need to Know 

If you require dental restorations, you’ve probably been educating yourself on dental crowns vs. veneers. Both are standard dental restoration methods designed to improve not only the function of your teeth but the aesthetics too. Though, there are differences between the two. First and foremost, veneers only cover the front of your tooth. Dental crowns, on the other hand, cover the entire tooth.

To determine the best option for you, speak with an experienced cosmetic dentist, such as Dr. Lucinda Garcia at Parmer Lane Family Dentistry. Every tooth and smile makeover is different, so it’s important not to assume that what might have worked for your family member or friend will work for you.

So, let’s boil it down to help explain the differences between dental crowns vs. veneers and when they’re best suited for your smile makeover needs.

The Skinny on Dental Veneers 

As we said earlier, dental veneers cover the front of your teeth, and only your front teeth. They’re basically custom-made porcelain shells that fit over the front of those teeth, intended to conceal chips, cracks, stains, and other unsightly imperfections that may keep you from smiling when you want to. Veneers are an exceptionally popular cosmetic dentistry treatment. In fact, many celebrities have elected to use veneers as part of their own smile makeovers. This explains why so many of our on-screen celebrities have such perfect smiles.

But, there are some downsides to veneers too. They are a permanent solution and require your dentist to shave off a bit of the enamel on your teeth to ensure the veneers properly bond in place. Further, veneers can make your teeth more sensitive to extremely hot or cold foods and beverages. They’re also more susceptible to staining and aren’t a great solution if you have failing teeth. So, if you are considering veneers to cover up discolored teeth, your dentist may recommend teeth whitening vs. veneers.

The Ins and Outs of Dental Crowns 

While dental veneers are quite popular, they’re only intended to help in cases where you have chipped, broken, discolored, or smaller-than-average teeth. Dental crowns, on the other hand, are often recommended instead of veneers for the following conditions.

  1. Detectable fissures (deep pits and grooves) or cracks
  2. A tooth has been weakened by a large filling or multiple fillings
  3. A tooth or the root system is no longer sufficiently stable 
  4. A tooth is misshapen 
  5. Malocclusions exist that affect the bite but are not severe enough to require orthodontic treatment

If your dentist recommends a dental crown, they will either recommend a zirconia crown or a porcelain crown. Zirconia crowns are extremely strong and durable and can withstand wear and tear without chipping. They do not cause damage to adjacent teeth due to their smooth exterior, and discoloration is not a concern. In fact, many patients prefer zirconia as they nicely mimic the look and feel of your natural teeth.

Porcelain crowns are a cost-effective solution because they are less expensive than their zirconia counterparts. However, porcelain crowns are more susceptible to discoloration, allergic reactions, and the need for a metal frame to support them. That said, your dentist may have situations where she recommends one type of crown vs. the other. A dental consultation is often the best way to determine the best option for you—dental crowns vs. veneers, and zirconia crowns vs. porcelain crowns.

Still wondering about dental crowns vs. veneers? Parmer Lane Dentistry can help.

If you think it is time for a smile makeover, or your dentist has talked to you about dental crowns vs. veneers, and you want a second opinion, Dr. Garcia at Parmer Lane Dentistry can help. Start by requesting an appointment today. We’ll work with you to schedule an appointment time convenient for you. During your consultation, we’ll discuss your smile goals and work together on the best possible cosmetic dentistry treatment plan. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today, and take charge of your whiter and brighter smile.

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