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Benefits of Seeing a Parmer Lane Family Dentist 

Your smile is something that you want to last for your entire lifetime. Since your smile is perhaps your most visual personifying feature, the last thing you want is a smile  you don’t like. Smiles give us self-confidence. But what if you have challenges with your teeth or smile? What options do you have to improve your oral health and give you the smile you deserve?

Let’s start by discussing what you should look for in a dentist and why a family dental practice is a great place to start when it comes to your oral care and perfecting your smile. Choosing to partner with a family dentist for your oral health may be the best decision you could make not only for yourself but your entire family. 

Your oral health is essential. And your oral health is directly linked with your overall health. So by ensuring your teeth and gums are healthy, you are taking significant strides in reducing the chances of infections, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and more. 

A family dentist offers a broader base of care, in terms of treatment variety and also in the age range seen. Your entire family can share everyday experiences with a dentist they love. And your family dentist gets added benefit in their ability to treat you as they will have a more thorough understanding of your overall health history, as some dental conditions are genetically-driven.

More specifically, however, you can anticipate experiencing the following five benefits by choosing a family dentist, especially Dr. Garcia at Parmer Lane Family Dentistry.

1. Your family dentist can help you manage your dental anxiety.

If you have dental anxiety, you know that going to the dentist can be challenging, to say the least. Family dentists are trained in various techniques to help you ease your dental anxiety. Further, many family dentists, including Dr. Garcia, your Parmer Lane family dentist, offer sedation dentistry. Sedation dentistry helps patients feel more relaxed and at ease when sitting in the dentist’s chair. Additionally, patients who receive sedation dentistry often feel much better afterward. We offer three kinds of sedation dentistry. 

2. A Parmer Lane family dentist provides convenience.

We’re all faced with competing priorities and if you are trying to manage responsibilities at home and work, it can be hard to find the time to travel across town for appointments in different places. Family dentistry means that you can treat all members of your family in the same place. Not only is this more convenient because it saves you time, but it allows your dentist to get to know everyone in the family and be more in tune with potential genetic issues like gum disease or tooth decay.

3. Family dentists provide you with the ability to develop a long-term relationship.

We already mentioned that family dentists gain an advantage by seeing everyone in your family because it means that they prepare for potential genetic issues that present themselves along the way. But also important is that your family dentist will have on record any past dental diseases, surgeries, allergies, or sensitivities, because they have known you for a long time. This means that your family dentist will be armed with the knowledge to determine suitable treatments based on that information. Further, many people find that having someone working in their mouth can be invasive. But with your Parmer Lane family dentist, you’ll have the opportunity to build trust over time, making that concern a thing of the past.

4. Family dentists can provide preventive dental care along with restorative dentistry and cosmetic dentistry.

Your Parmer Lane family dentist, Dr. Garcia, offers far more than just general dentistry. At Parmer Lane Family Dentistry, you will receive preventive dentistry treatments to identify and stop dental issues before they cause problems, thus reducing the risk of systemic issues. We believe that preventive care is the key to the healthiest smile. But you will also have access to restorative dentistry treatments if you need them. You don’t have to find another dentist if you need a dental crown, bridge, or implants. And finally, if you are looking to improve your smile, you can rest assured that a smile makeover is at the top of the list of cosmetic dentistry services offered at your Parmer Lane family dentist!

5. Your Parmer Lane family dentist will pay attention to you as a person, not just a patient.

You deserve to receive high-quality dentistry using modern technology from a trusted dentist in the community who has been expertly trained with decades of experience. Family dentists such as Dr. Garcia take the time to get to know their patients. When it comes to your dental care, you deserve someone who takes the time to hear you. Further, you should be part of the decision-making process in your treatments. Finally, you will find comfort knowing that your family dentist will take an interest in you and your children as well. You’ll be delighted to see how well we can help put your children at ease in the dental chair.

Your Parmer Lane family dentist welcomes you and your entire family!

If you are looking for a new family dentist who practices in a modern dental office in Austin, Texas, we believe that Parmer Lane Family Dentistry is your place. Our patients consistently cite us as offering the best family dentistry in Austin, and we’d like to show you why. We genuinely believe that you will find the best dental care for the whole family at our offices. Request an appointment today and see how your Parmer Lane family dentist can help you and your entire family.

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